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Supermetrics for Excel add-in admin installation

This article describes how to install Supermetrics Add-in for Excel. The add-in is currently in early beta and not publicly available from the Office Store. To participate in our early beta: Please contact our customer service; there are limited spots available during the beta. Contact us

Participation requires you to install the add-in manifest file to your Office 365 subscription. We recommend this process only if you have previous experience with Office 365 administration. You can use this add-in for free until August 15th 2018 with user-specific trial licenses.

Please do note that the product is still under heavy development and production-level service stability should not to be expected. However, please do send us any feedback, problems and suggestions.


  • You have an Office 365 subscription
    A suitable subscription plan contains Exchange, which allows centralized deployment of add-ins. See full list of detailed requirements from the official Office support article.

  • You are an administrator for Office 365
    Deploying an add-in requires you to have the role of global administrator or custom administrator.

  • Your are using Excel 2016 for Windows or Mac or Excel Online
    The add-in and the centralized deployment process does not support versions before Office 2016.

Installation steps

  1. Open Application management in your Office 365 Admin center ( Click on the Deploy Add-in button.

  2. Screen called New Add-in should appear. Click Next to progress to the next step.

  3. Select the option for I have a URL for the manifest file, enter the manifest URL you received from Supermetrics customer service, and then click Next. If you do not have the manifest URL yet, please contact our customer service to be participate in the beta.

  4. You should see the manifest summary, click Next to progress to the next step.

  5. Define the users in your organization who should have access to this add-in. Note that you can only use top-level user groups with the centralized deployment (see the official Office support article).

  6. Give permission to the add-in on behalf of your users by clicking Save. Note that Supermetrics add-in will only ask for the minimum permissions required to automatically identify your users when add-in is opened in Excel. You can revoke this access at any time by removing the installed add-in. Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy policy for more details.

  7. The add-in installation should now be complete.

In case you have general issues with centralized deployment, please see the official Office support article Manage deployment of Office 365 add-ins in the Office 365 admin center.

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