This article applies to variations of this error when trying to log into any DoubleClick connector in either Supermetrics for Google Sheets or Data Studio:

  • It seems you tried to log in with a Google Account that does not have DoubleClick for XXXXXX enabled. Please try again with another Google Account.

Generally this error means that the user does not have that DoubleClick system enabled for their account or they did not enable API permissions for their account. You should check with your DoubleClick administrator to make sure you been given access to the DoubleClick system you are trying to connect to (note access to one system, such as DoubleClick Bid Manager, does not guarantee you have access to another one, such as DoubleClick for Publishers).

For DoubleClick for Publishers, there is a specific account setting for API access that must be enabled for Supermetrics to be able to connect. Under Admin->Global Settings->Network Settings, there is a small tick box to allow API access. This must be checked.