License Management

The Team Management site allows you to view and manage your licenses. The tool is accessible at and you must log in with the Google Account you defined as the User ID when you purchased the license in order to do further team management. The below guide describes the primary features of viewing and managing your licenses, as well as purchasing and renewing.

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Before You Begin/Basic Information

For managing licenses, the account you log into Team Management with should ideally be an "Owner" role account, as the other roles may not be able to see or interact with some of the billing/payment options available. See Modifying Members if you need to have your role promoted - if you are currently an "Editor", you will need an "Admin" or higher to do this for you.

Viewing Your Licenses

  1. Log into with the User Id set for the license or an "Owner" account.
  2. Check that the correct team is selected in the upper-right. You may belong to multiple teams and not all may have licenses. You can switch between teams by clicking the Switch team button and select the another team from the drop-down.

  3. With the team verified, then click on the LICENSES tab.
  4. You will now see all licenses associated with the selected team and the logged in account.
    Note that both live and expired trials will show up in this list, along with active licenses.
    • If you do not see the licenses that you expected, select another team with Switch team and recheck the LICENSES tab to see if that has the license. NOTE: If none of the teams you belong to has the license, submit a support request with the payer email and/or transaction ID so that support can assist you.
  5. You can see one of the following tags on the left side of each license:
    • Team Licenses - which are Supermetrics for Data Studio Licenses and can have multiple members.
    • Assigned Licenses - which are other Supermetrics licenses and trials that are assigned to a specific user.
      IMPORTANT:  "Assigned licenses" cannot have multiple people assigned. Only team licenses (Data Studio) use the team membership feature.
  6. You can click on "Manage" under each license to get an overview, see some specific option tabs, and see who is assigned. You can also change the assigned user here, if an "Assigned License", or add new members, if a "Team License".

Purchasing New Licenses

  1. Log into with the User Id set for the license (must be at an "Owner" or "Admin" role to use purchase options).
  2. Check the upper-right to verify the right team is selected. The active team will be the one that the license will be applied to. You can use Switch team to change which team the license will be placed under.
  3. Click the Buy license button.

  4. This will bring up a new menu where you can select licenses for Supermetrics for Google Sheets, Supermetrics for Data Studio, or Supermetrics for Excel to purchase for your team.
    NOTE: At this time, the other products we offer are not included here - see the main Supermetrics website for obtaining those licenses.
  5. Click BUY under the license type that you want OR select a single connector for Data Studio from the list. This will bring up the purchasing page.
  6. Again, verify in the form that the team is correct and user is correct - this is the team the license will be applied to:

  7. Fill in the rest of the forum to complete the purchase.
  8. The license will be ready to use immediately, but it may take some time for it to appear in the LICENSES list. The list doesn't update automatically at the moment and you may need to log out and in again to get it to appear.
    NOTE: If the license does not appear in a reasonable amount of time and you've tried logging out and back into the Team site, submit a support request with the payer email so that Support can investigate.

Renewing and Upgrading Licenses

Updating Card/Payment Information

See How to Update Credit Card Details for changing your credit card. You can also update it when renewing/extending your license through the normal purchase form.

The ability to change invoice information (like business address, invoice details, etc.) is not yet in the Team site. Until that functionality is added, please submit a support request with the payer email and/or transaction DI so that Support can make the update for you.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Team Management is a growing tool, so the look of the UI and functionality may change over time. We will strive to update these documents with the latest UI and feature changes, but it may not be 100% accurate all of the time.

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