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Team Management Overview

Introducing our new tool for team and product management! Here is a basic overview of the tool and its functionality:

Where is it?

The tool is accessible at To make changes to most elements, you must log in with the Google Account you defined as the User Id when you purchased the license. Other team members can also log in but may have limited views of the products and may not be able make team changes.

The Interface

Team and User Selection

In the upper right-hand corner are the team selector and logged in user.

Under the team selector you can see if the logged in account has membership in multiple teams. This also selects the active team for the interface for the purposes of modifying the team and licenses associated with the team.

Under User, you can see the actively logged in account and can "Sign Out" via the drop-down.


The support link directs you to our forums or to create a ticket if you are having issues or questions about the Team Management tool.


The Dashboard section gives an overview of your currently assigned licenses and any special data about them, such as the number of queries you have left for the day on your Google Sheets license.


This is the primary tab for team management for Data Studio licenses. You can see the current team name (which should match the team chosen in the team selector) and the current team members. For more specific information about managing your team here, see the article Team Management for Data Studio.

IMPORTANT - Only Data Studio currently uses the team member as permissions for the license. For any other product, you must assign a specific user - team membership does not matter


Here you can view and manage your Supermetrics product licenses, as well as purchase additional products if you are a team Owner. Please note that this section will also contain current and expired trials associated with the logged in user account - this is nothing to worry about. 

For more specific information about managing your products here, see Product Management.


Here you can setup and view a report of your request usage for Supermetrics and the data sources you and your team access.

For more specific information about this feature, see Viewing Your Account Usage.

Example usage report

Please note that the Team Management is in beta and a growing tool, so the look of the UI and functionality may change over time. We will strive to update these documents with the latest UI and feature changes, but it may not be 100% accurate all of the time.

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