**UPDATE Jan 23rd***

The new endpoint has had some additional bugs found which has created issues on the Supermetrics side - the most obvious is that some posts are duplicated in the data. This has been reported to Facebook for fixing. 

For right now, the connector has been reverted to use the original endpoint with the known API issue and Google Sheets users can enable the new endpoint with adding this string to the Options->Advanced Settings field in the sidebar: INCLUDE_ALL_PUBLISHED_POSTS. You still must authorize your account at the higher permissions levels by logging out and in again after enabling this.

For Data Studio, this connector is reverted back to the original endpoint for now and we're working to allow users the option to enable the new endpoint in a similar way as Sheets.


Facebooks API was suffering from a bug that is creating discrepancies in post level data. This affected Supermetrics and any other service that fetches post level data from Facebook. Facebook addressed this by adding a new endpoint in the API for published_posts, which should return all published posted, not just those visible on the page feed surface (UI). (Original Bug Report and fix.)

Our development team has deployed the fix to our Facebook Insights connector on January 19th, 2018 and it is now available for users to verify. Please refresh your Sheet or data source fields for Data Studio to acquire the latest version of the connector. 

**IMPORTANT** The new endpoint requires stronger permissions to allow for "managing your pages" so that it can function. It will fall back to the original endpoint in the case of certain errors. If you get the following error or find that post data is still missing from your report, please log out of the Facebook Insights connector and back in to accept the new permissions level.

Fetching Facebook posts requires new permissions ("manage Pages"). Please log out from the Facebook Insights data source and then log in again, granting the new permissions.