Bing Ads has made changes to the latest version of their API based on customer feedback about reporting priorities and removed Rich Ad Components, Site metrics and dimensions, Bounce and visit fields.

The following table contains the list of metrics and dimensions that are removed and the ones added/included in the new release.

Removed Dimensions Removed metrics
Pricing model
Goal funnel conversion rate (%)
Behavioral ID
Goal step 1 count
Behavioral name
Goal step 2 count
Rich ad sub type
Goal step 3 count
Component title
Goal step 4 count
Component type
Goal step 5 count
Component destination URL
Bounce rate
Component position
Avg. pages per visit
Bing language and region
Avg. duration per visit
Component clicks
Site ID
Component non-billable clicks

Component total clicks

Added Dimensions
Year of week
Keyword conflict level
Day of week (Mon-Sun)
Negative keyword list id
Day of week (Sun-Sat)
Negative keyword list
Account status
Keyword status
Campaign type
Keyword param 1
Keyword param 2
Changed by
Keyword param 3
Item changed
Product group
Attribute changed
Product partition type
How changed
Product group criterion id
Old value
New value
Seller name
Ad group status
Offer language
Ad group criterion id
Country of sale
Ad group audience target
Display URL
Ad group language
Landing page experience
Ad group network
Historic landing page experience average
Biddable ad group criterion 1
Audience id
Biddable ad group criterion 2
Audience name
Biddable ad group criterion 3
Audience association status
Ad title part 1
Location type
Ad title part 2
Ad path part 1
Radius name for landmark
Ad path part 2
Most specific location
Ad status
Visitor city
Ad top position
Device operating system
Ad extension id
Query intent country
Ad extension type name
Query intent state
Ad extension type id
Query intent city
Ad extension version
Query intent metro area
Ad extension click item

Ad property value

Negative keyword id

Negative keyword

Negative keyword match type

Added metrics
Visitor area code
Audience bid adjustment (%)
Total ad extension clicks
Assists from other ads
Expected CTR (%)
Cost per assist
Historic expected CTR average (%)
Revenue per assist
Ad relevance
Phone impressions
Historic ad relevance average
Phone calls
Historic quality score average
Manual calls
Quality impact
Click calls
Impression shares
Phone through rate (%)
Impressions lost to budget
Average cost per phone call (%)
Impressions lost to rank
Start time of the call
Impressions lost to bid
End time of the call
Impressions lost to bid (%)
Duration of forwarded call from a call ad extension
Impressions lost to ad relevance
Call area code
Impressions lost to ad relevance (%)
Impression lost to expected CTR
Benchmark CTR
Impressions lost to expected CTR (%)
Benchmark bid
Click share %
Low quality general clicks
Average budget spent per day
Low quality sophisticated clicks
Average budget spent per month

Amount of budget spent for the month