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How to create a pie chart

  1. Choose "Pie chart" from the toolbar.
  2. Draw the area you wish to use for the chart.
  3. Check that you have the wanted data source selected.
  4. Choose the dimension. In this example, we select "Age".
  5. Choose the metric. We choose "Reach" in our example and use search to find it fast.
  6. When you see something in the results that you want to filter out:
    1. Go to "Add a filter" in the sidebar.
    2. Click "Create a filter".
    3. Select whether you want to include only certain things, or exclude something from the results.
    4. Select which field to you want to filter.
    5. Select the condition (in this example, we want the value be equal to certain age group).
    6. Write in the value you want to exclude (make sure that the syntax matches the results syntax exactly).
    7. Click "Save".
  7. You can create as many filters as you wish.

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