What if I accidentally send my Supermetrics Data Grabber workbook to the wrong person, will they have access to my data?

To prevent situations like this, it's a good idea to protect the workbook with a password. If you have not protected the workbook and send it to the wrong person, what you should do depends on the modules you are using:

  • Any data source using OAuth (=log in via a browser window, eg. Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook & YouTube modules, Microsoft Advertising Module when logging in with a Microsoft account): when logging out of these modules, you have the option to log out of all Supermetrics Data Grabber files. If you choose this, your authentication in all copies of Supermetrics Data Grabber will be revoked, and anyone wishing to fetch data will need to log in again.
  • Doing the above will delete all authentication information from the Supermetrics side, but if you want to be extra careful, you can also remove Supermetrics Data Grabber's access rights in the app settings of the data source. For instance, Google and Facebook have account dashboards where you can check which applications have access to the account's data, and remove these permissions.
  • Analytics Module in Supermetrics Data Grabber versions older than 1.38: change your Google Account password.
  • AdWords/Google Ads Module in Supermetrics Data Grabber versions older than 1.65: change your Google Account password.
  • Microsoft Advertising Module/adCenter Module when logging in with a Microsoft Advertising account: change your Microsoft Advertising password.

Note that while following these instructions prevent the person from fetching new data and refreshing reports, the data in the reports that have already been created will still remain in the workbook.

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