After you have installed Supermetrics add-on, a sidebar will open on the right. From there click “Adobe Alnalytics” icon.

Supermetrics sidebar supports connecting to your analytics data in two ways: with Adobe ID or directly with username and shared secret from Adobe Analytics.

Connecting with your Adobe ID

In order to access your analytics data, you need an Adobe ID account and a Marketing Cloud solution.

If you do not already have Marketing Cloud 

  1. Create an Adobe ID account or Adobe Enterprise ID account, if you don't have one.
  2. to Adobe Marketing cloud ( and login with your Adobe ID.
  3. You will see linking page that will allow you to link your Analytics account to the Marketing Cloud. Please click on the Get access link and provide your Analytics credentials.
  4. After successfully creating a linkage, you can use your Adobe ID to access analytics data with Supermetrics sidebar.

If you already have Marketing Cloud

You should be able to access analytics data with Supermetrics sidebar by logging it with your Adobe ID and granting Supermetrics permissions to access the data. For further troubleshooting, please contact Supermetrics support.

Connecting with Adobe Analytics account

By Adobe Analytics account we mean the credentials you would normally use in consisting of a company name, username, and password. Unfortunately you can't connect Supermetrics sidebar to Adobe Analytics with these credentials. You must use either your Adobe ID or API username and shared secret. Please see the corresponding section on this page for detailed instructions.

Connecting with username and shared secret

Please note that you can have only one username and shared secret key at the time, but you can have multiple applications using it. Supermetrics sidebar however supports linking to multiple Adobe Analytics accounts.

  1. Log into Adobe Analytics, e.g. at
  2. Go to your profile settings via Edit profile
  3. You should see a username and shared secret you can use to connect your account with Supermetrics sidebar.