Upgrade trial license to paid subscription

When you wish to upgrade from a Trial to a Paid Subscription for Supermetrics for Google Sheets, please log in to the Team Management site with your Google account you used for the trial:


1. Go to the Licences tab and click on Buy licence.

2. Check which license you wish to purchase, and click BUY to proceed. If you need more information about the licenses, click on See full pricing.

We have a whole article on How to purchase a new license

3. Select the various license options outlined in the link above

4. Fill in your payment details, select your payment method, and complete the payment process to generate the new license.

Your licence will enable your Supermetrics add-on in Google Sheets at once!

Need Additional Assistance?

If you continue to have issues with accessing your new license, please submit a support request.

If you want to discuss more options for license related issues, such as bulk purchases, or if you want more help with which license version is best for you, please contact sales@supermetrics.com.

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