Why doesn't anything happen when I press the "Log into Google Analytics" button?

To use Supermetrics Data Grabber, you need to allow the execution of VBA macros in Excel. If the login buttons don't work, this indicates that you need to change Excel's settings. How to do this depends on your Excel version:

In Windows Excel 2007 and newer, when opening the file, check if you see the kind of warning on the right. If so, click the button. If a pop-up window opens, choose to trust the MT Analytics certificate.

You can also enable macros by going to Excel Options: Trust Center: Trust Center Settings: Macro Settings. Then select the last or the second last option, and restart Excel. When reopening Supermetrics Data Grabber, accept certificate by MT Analytics if prompted.

In Windows Excel 2003, go to Tools: Macros: Security. Select "High", "Medium" or "Low". Restart Excel. Click "Enable macros" if prompted.

In Mac Excel 2011, you need to click "Enable macros" when opening the workbook

Note that Supermetrics Data Grabber does not work in Mac Excel versions older than 2011, or Windows Excel versions older than 2003.

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