First steps (getting Data Grabber ready)

1. Download Supermetrics Data Grabber file for Excel

  • Get started with Supermetrics by downloading the trial version. We offer a free 14 day trial with full functionality.
  • The downloadable file is an Excel document that does not require installation. Simply open it in Excel. However, you may need to change Excel's settings to allow macro execution (instructions).
  • The tool works in Windows Excel 2003 and newer, and in Mac Excel 2011.

2. Open the file in Excel and log in to any of the data sources

3. Enjoy the data

  • Check your account list and pick some of those for the report.
  • Choose one or more metrics using the drop down menus. You can also choose to split the data rather than just fetch the aggregate figures.
  • Press the "Run the report" button. The tool will then run the query and display the results in a new sheet.
  • You should now see your first Supermetrics report! You can add as many reports as you need, save the file, and refresh the data whenever needed. You can even make multiple copies of the file, for example one for each client.

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