How to fix outbound clicks reporting 0 without changing attribution window?

We've seen outbound clicks now comes with 0 values when choosing an attribution window different from the default one (7d click).

The thing is we have clients saying they still need to see conversions with the same attribution windows they have been using all this time (7d click + 1d view). They say if they can see conversions with view attribution... why wouldn't they be able to see outbound clicks that is a metric which doesn't rely on the attribution window.

And we think they are just right. Is there any fix planned for this?

Thanks in advance,

  • Thanks for reaching out, sorry to hear about this issue!

    Outbound metrics are fetched in a different way from Facebook's API than many other metrics, and if any conversion window setting is added to the query the results turn to 0. You can find the related discussion with Facebook here: 

    You can try to change the query's conversion window setting to be default, please find instructions in our support center

    Please note that if you have other metrics in the same query that do not use the default setting, using the default setting can cause discrepancies with those metrics. It is recommended to have a separate query for these metrics, so you can use the right setting for each.

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