Get social and email traffic into excel


I'm new to Supermetrics and cannot find how to get the number of sessions for all the sources: I can only get organic, direct, referral, paid - but not social and email, which don't show in "segment" (2nd screenshot below). Would you know how I can get them?

The idea is to replicate GA's diagram with the % of session per acquisition source as in here:



Thanks very much for your help!


  • Hi Emma,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    The field you need here is the "Channel group" dimension. Under the "Split by" section in the Excel add-in, please select "Channel group." This returns the groups found in your screenshot.

    For reference, please check our documentation for a list of fields we support for the Google Analytics connector here:

    Best regards,

    Mark Penaranda

    Supermetrics Support

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