Unable to connect on DV 360

Hi fellows!

Please, Help! 

I'm having issues on connecting to DV 360 from supermetrics's tool.

The tool isn't allowing me to combines dimensions properly. 

Sometimes it happens with two dimensions, but sometimes it doesn't.

(I just realised that it has worked for 3 dimensions).

P.S. I'm not using filters, there is data in the range selected and the ID is correct.

Every time comes this error messages (Attached File):

I hope someone can hear me out. :__S


(167 KB)
  • Hello Denis,

    The dimensions and metrics combination limitations are set in the underlying API and unfortunately we are unable to affect the ruling.

    For example if the configuration is set to fetch data from multiple report types which are not compatible, the error is thrown.

    In case you are able to produce the similar combination on the DV360 reporting platform, please let us know so we can investigate the limitation within the API.

    Best regards,

    Supermetrics support

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