Discrepancies with Shopify metrics

Hi -- new to Supermetrics, and I'm running into this issue across multiple Shopify sites. I'm in Supermetrics Pro for Sheets.

When I look at the data in the store, there are discrepancies in the data. I've checked to make sure the metrics I've chosen match those in the account. Whether Gross Sales, Total Sales, Net Sales... the numbers just don't match up from the platform to the Supermetrics report. How to fix please? Thanks

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  • I'm having the same issue. The reason it doesn't match is because Supermetrics is only looking at returns for the orders that happened on that day and not all the returns that were processed on that day which is what we see on Shopify. 

    For example, say we had an order of $100 that was created today and cancelled today and 1 order of $50 that was created yesterday and cancelled today then on Shopify in 'today's' report you'd see $150 in returns whereas on Supermetrics for 'today's' report it'd be $100 in returns.

  • Hello Vinay!

    Thank you for reporting this issue to us!

    Please send us a support ticket with details of the issue, and we will take a look at it:

    Amy already has an open ticket, which we have replied to.

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