Fields for campaign names from Facebook Ads in "Ad Data + Google Analytics" set don't seem to match up

HI there,

I was wondering if I could find out more about how the campaign details are merged into the "Ad Data + Google Analytics" data source for Google Data Studio?

Into that dataset's Campaign and Ad Group fields, respectively, it appears to serve:

  • Microsoft Advertising / Bing Ads' Campaign name and Ad group name fields
  • Google Ads' Campaign name and Ad group name fields
  • Facebook Ads' Ad Set Name and Ad Name fields

Why would Facebook be folded in differently than both Microsoft and Google? It seems to be like a level lower than the others.

Full disclosure, I'm a developer more than I am in the world of online advertising, so maybe those fields are technically lined up, they just don't seem like it.

It especially makes things more complicated when clients using multiple platforms, like Google, Bing, and Facebook, try to create a consistent naming convention for their campaigns and/or ad groups, only to find out that said names aren't being blended together somewhere along the way.

Confirmed by putting tables for all four data sources on a page, and in them adding the already named dimensions and a metric, like Impressions. Also included the Data source dimension on the table using the combined set, so it'd break things apart appropriately.


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