Schedule queries to run once at a specific future date


I'd like to schedule a series of Google Sheets Supermetrics queries so that they only run once and they run on a specific date (the 2nd day of the month). For example, today is July 17, 2020 and I have want queries pull FB Ads Ad Spend for the month of July 2020 and I want this query to run on August 2, 2020. I want to keep this data so I don't want this data to be overwritten by scheduling the report to run monthly on the 2nd of the month as that will overwrite the July data (pulled on August 2) with the August data (if pulled on Sept 2).

Is this possible to configure within Supermetrics? 
Would I need some custom Google Apps script to drive this logic?

  • It is possible with our refresh triggers. First, you'd like to use "Last month" as date range in your queries and then set the refresh trigger like this and it does exactly what you wanted:

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hi Jouni

    My hope is to only have it refresh once and then never refresh again.

    Wouldn't this recommended approach refresh every 2nd of the month going forward unless I removed the trigger after it ran the first time?


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