Filter by Account (Google) and Campaign Group (LinkedIn) in Paid Channel Mix

Hello - 

Regarding the Paid Channel Mix template, does anyone have an idea for how I could filter to show only one area of my business?

For example, I have Google Ads and LinkedAds for the following areas of my business set us as follows:


 - Account A

 - Account B

 - Account C


 - Account MASTER

     - Campaign Group A

     - Campaign Group B

     - Campaign Group C

Question: I'd like to filter to shown Google Ads and LinkedIn ads JUST for "A". (I'll make different pages for B and C once I get this figured out. 

What I tried: 

I created a filter and chose "Account" and added "A" - it seems that "Account" is a GoogleAds dimension

--> What I couldn't find was "Campaign Group" for LinkedIn Ads. it seems like all of the dimensions are for GoogleAds and Google Analytics

  • Hi Bre,

    easiest way to get only certain accounts in to the report is to select only the needed accounts from the connector setup instead of "all accounts" option. 

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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