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Shopify Connection Is Awful

Not sure if anyone else is having similar issues with the Shopify API, however, I have had nothing but issues and errors trying to pull basic revenue/sales data. I even tried to pull smaller segments and still takes 15-30 minutes to pull, if there aren't any errors.

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  • Thanks for reaching out.

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    /Supermetrics support

  • I am also having issues. I have only successfully pulled total sales data for 1 day, which took over 15 minutes to return. The time is not an issue since I plan to run this in the middle of the night, but for testing purposes, it is taking me several hours to get nowhere. 

    I need to be able to split daily sales totals up by sales channel, or POS location, and I am having no luck. Everything results in errors.

  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    We've identified the slow processing times with the Shopify connector.

    Our development team is actively searching for solutions to enhance the performance.

    Please note that the connector is still in Early Access phase and we will continue to optimise it. All feedback is greatly appreciated.

    /Supermetrics support

  • I can't even get it to pull any numbers at all. 

  • Same here, can't pull any data from Shopify.

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