BUG report: you can get doubled (or more) metrics for Google Ads by selecting same account twice (or more) via the connector set up

We discovered that all the metrics (e.g. cost, clicks, impressions etc.) are exactly doubled when using your Data Studio connector with one of our accounts.

After some very puzzling troubleshooting we realised that we have 2 users signed onto your connector and as such if both users have access to an account the account is listed twice (with a via userId in brackets). We had selected the same account twice via each of our signed in users.

Selecting exactly the same account ID shouldn't pull the data twice. Would be great if you save someone the frustration and add some logic to check if an account ID is already part of the main query.

  • Hi George,

    Thank you for the feedback - I put a feature request in to see if we can do something about that.

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team

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