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Amazon Connector Down Already?


I assume Amazon already removed your access to their API, is that Correct? (a little quicker than I expected). 

In addition to pinging account reps -- I would also suggest asking everyone who wants to continue using SuperMetrics to signup for the API: 

They have comment options: In my comments I requested them not to remove your API access, so I wouldn't have to waste my resources remaking  our reports (assuming they even give me API access), or having to spend manual hours making the daily,weekly, monthly reports. 

  • Hi Andrew,

    thank you very much for your suggestion. We're currently doing everything in our power to get the connector back online. 

    Best thing indeed to do at this point to help us, would be to drop a message to your Amazon account manager telling them how important it is to be able to get Amazon ads data through Supermetrics. It would be a huge help and greatly appreciated! 

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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