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Amazon Ads Not Working Well Lately?


Within the past week or so, Amazon Ads connector has not been working with any consistency.  Sometimes I can get a few data pulls to work, other times none -- but overall it's been a bit since it's fully worked for me.  See pictures attached. When one doesn't work, I try to run it manually and it just hangs on refreshing. 

This inconsistency started around the Holiday sales cycle, so maybe Amazon itself is being hammered, or is it just me?

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(13.9 KB)
  • Same issue here.

    I don't think any pulls have worked for me over the last week.

    Is anyone from Supermetrics going to weigh in?

  • Was about to submit a ticket, but re-ran a query instead...and it worked.

    Has Supermetrics acknowledged an issue, and posted that they fixed it...or did I just get lucky?

  • Hi:

    Supermetrics did ping me directly and has noted that they've recieved these reports about Amazon:

    "We have indeed gotten few reports regarding Amazon connector. So far, the cases have been likely related to Amazon's API (i.e. temporary slowness or unavailability)."

    I do tend to agree w/ them that this is Amazon's issue with not handling the API requests well, as the inconsistency in the Amazon API only started when the Holiday purchasing season started (i.e., around black friday). 

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