Pulling through AB Test Data and MailChimp Pro

Hey everyone,

We're currently on Trial at our company and are looking to go to the Super Pro version, however I'm having issues getting specific data through with MailChimp.

When attempting to bring through AB test data - I can't seem to find the test variation data - like the different subject lines or hours sent. Could someone please advise on the best way to set this up is?

Second Q: Does SuperMetrics support MailChimp Pro - we're looking to upgrade to Pro very shortly, but would love to know that SuperMetrics also brings through all the different variations that we've used and then showing what the winner was and how it was determined.

Any advice appreciated. 



  • Hi Chad,

    we do have plenty of metrics for A/B testing in our Mailchimp connector. You can see all the available metrics and dimensions in here:

    As for the MailChimp Pro, we do no have a special connector for that. I do believe that both use the same API that we have built the connector for.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

  • Hey, thanks for your response. I don't think I was clear in my question.

    1. How do I bring through the subject line variations used in an AB test.

    2. Does SuperMetrics offer the ability to bring through variation data for multivariate tests?



  • Adding on to this question: Specifically, how do you pull in orders / revenue for A/B test campaign variants? When pulling a report for campaigns, the A/B test campaigns only pull in the parent campaign that does not contain any order / revenue data

    Thank you!


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