Visualize SISTRIX Data in Google Data Studio

Hi all,

Many of my clients ask for visualizing SISTRIX data in Google Data Studio. Therefore I use the API and import data via the IMPORTXML function into Google Sheets. This works pretty well, but is not that automated as I would it like to be. So I was very happy about the news on the new XML connector today.

I tried to import SISTRIX data using the API and it worked surprisingly well. The next step would be to be able to manipulate the query string - especially the date parameter - by using Google Data Studio functions like the data picker. So my clients are able to select a specific date and get the visibility index for this date.

An example query string looks like this:

Is this already possible or does somebody have a different approach to visualize data from SISTRIX (or Searchmetrics). I look forward for a good discussion on this! :)



  • Hi Manuel,

    Thanks a lot for your question! I can truly understand your need here.

    Unfortunately I don't think you can achieve what you wish with the built-in date picker, at least from what I understand, we can't push the date into the query string. I've asked our developers, and they said that it may be doable in the future, but it seems to be quite the workaround and for now we do not unfortunately offer a solution. 

    SISTRIX is not on our road map yet, but if you'd like, you can go in and vote for it here: We choose the next sources by voting.

    Searchmetrics is already available in our Google Sheets add-on, it is in public beta phase. You can connect your client data there, and import to DS via the Sheets connector. This way you should also be able to use the date picker in DS. I've added a request for the responsible dev to publish it to DS when possible. I can't tell you an exact time for this, but we'll let you know as soon as it is available.


    Heidi / Supermetrics team

  • It is maybe a bit late to give an answer to this question ;) But the simplest and reliable workaround for displaying Sistrix data in Data Studio is the following:

    We query Sistrix API in Google Sheets - the rest does the Supermetrics Google Sheets Connector for us.

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