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How to retrieve Youtube 'Average percentage viewed'

I'm trying to get the metric for 'the Percentage that Videos have been viewed'.  On Youtube this is ‘Average percentage viewed’. ( Average percentage of a video your audience watches per view’ ) .  I can see a couple of Metrics and possible a ‘split by’ that should return the data I want, but will not work in a combination that is of use. 

This is the ‘Audience watch ratio ‘ or ‘avg . View percentage’  with a Split by Video . 

There is also the ‘Elapsed video time ratio’ in ‘split by’ but I’m not sure on how that is used either . 

Does anyone know how I would get back this statistic for each video. 

Any help would be useful. 

  • Hi there - I'm having the same issue, it would be helpful to have this. It looks like the "average view percentage" metric (which is currently available) is related to the percentage of viewers logged in when viewing a video, versus "average_view_duration_percentage", which is the average duration of a video watched, as a percentage. 

    It doesn't look like the actual length of a video is available from YouTube, or else I would pull that and calculate it myself. 

    As always I appreciate the help!

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