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No descarga la data de Facebook

Buenos días 

Tenemos un problema con supermetrics, estamos jalando los datos de facebook insights que es para lo que usamos la herramienta y desde la semana pasada nos esta apareciendo que no se pude descargar la información. Adjunto print del mensaje que nos aparece.


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  • Hi,

    This is caused by a problem on the Facebook side, which we are waiting for them to address. Unfortunately, they seem to be in no hurry to do so, so we can't provide an estimate on when this will be resolved.

    If you have an account manager at Facebook, please contact them to help push this forward. Our Facebook application ID is 187012511311860.

    We're trying everything we can to get this resolved today.
    Terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team
  • Hi,

    The Facebook Insights issue has now been addressed and the queries should work again! Please retry your queries to verify this has been fixed for you. If you continue to have issues though, let us know so we can continue to investigate.

    I also applied one month of free service to your affected licenses as an apology for the problem and that it took us so long to resolve.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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