How do nested / multiple conditionals/filters work?

How do multiple AND / OR filters work together, i.e. what's the order of operations? 

In the attached example, I'm trying to have:

(Campaign Name contains "Branded" AND Campaign Name contains "LA1") AND (Conversion Type equals "Website Purchase" OR Conversion Type equals "Book Tour")

Is the way I've set up the conditionals correct?

  • Hi Felix,

    The filters don't have true grouping, but the AND in the middle does appear to make it act that way when I tested this to confirm the behavior. Any item that had all parts as true came up as the result. 

    (Name contains X AND Y) AND (Type equals A OR B)

    Based on the screenshot you gave, it should be looking for items that:

    Have a campaign name that contains both the strings "LA1" and "Branded"


    Has a conversion type that equals "Website Purchase" or "Book Tour"

    If that's not working right, then check that:

    • The strings you are looking for are in the correct case, as is it matters. "Website Purchase" does not equal "Website purchase" for this.
    • The campaign names have both strings possible in them.
    • That there are cases with the campaign name that has that conversion type - it may be that none really do match.

    -Thank you
    Supermetrics Team

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  • Anecdotally, the current query appears to be working as intended - I'm just unsure of the logic behind how Supermetrics parses these.  Wish there was a better way to construct filters...

  • Hi Felix,

    I'll pass the feedback on to the devs that work on the UI to see if we can improve that!

    Thank you,

    Supermetrics Team

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