Facebook Formula for Sheets; import live campaigns only

Hi SM team/ community,

would you be able to advise me how I would go about filtering the SM formula to only include live campaigns, and exclude all completed campaigns? I assumed in the filter section it would be ['Campaign Status (effective status)' EQUALS Active] but this hasn't worked. Does anyone have a solution for this?




  • Hi KW,

    your filter type should work. Have you made a query with campaign status as your dimension to see the precise writing of the status? For example if you are using capital letters, and the value is all with small ones, your filter doesn't work.

  • Hi Jouni,

    There is no way to choose Campaign Status  as a dimension sadly! I already thought of doing that but there is no way :(

    There isn't any way to export it in fb reporting on the fb site either!


    Kai W.

  • Hi Jouni I've managed to find out that the correct syntax is ACTIVE - however the data pulled is now incorrect. 

    On Facebook, the delivery for our campaign "P02180145_Fickle Friends_You Are Someone Else_Album_Facebook_Organic Post_Test Pressing_Fansis "Completed"; however in supermetrics it shows as "ACTIVE" still?? There is no supermetrics filter for Facebook Business Managers "delivery" field; so I assumed Campaign Status would be the closest one in Supermetrics to Delivery. This is for a really urgent project - any advice on how to only pull in live campaigns would be greatly appreciated ! :)


    Kai W.

  • Do you think this is happening because "Delivery" status isn't enabled in the FB API??



  • Let's continue sorting this issue in a private ticket as we need to investigate your query more closely.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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  • Hey Team,

    I'm having exactly the same issue here. Has there been a fix for this?



  • Hi Will,

    please submit a private ticket of your issue as well. Thanks!


    -Supermetrics Team

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