Column Names

Can you customize column names for spreadsheets?

Example - For Google AdWords you can choose Network and then that would display each row as "Search Network" for each data set. For DBM the "Network" column would be Site (DCM).

Can you change the name of a column and when the data is refreshed that column name remains the same?

  • Hi!

    You can select "no header row" under options for your query and type it on top of the results yourself. It's not possible to pull in custom headers.

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    -Supermetrics Team

  • If we select "no header row" we will be creating our own row at the top to customize the columns.

    If we have a query that updates daily will the new query that is created on the following day revert back to the not having a header row, or will the data populate with the custom columns that we created.

  • when you have refreshed the query once with "no header row" -it will always use that option, that includes auto-renews.

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