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LiveChat integration using JSON/CSV

Is it possible to integrate with LiveChat via JSON/CSV connector? i am able to do this with CallRail API, so I assume it is possible but am having a very hard time figuring out what to use as HTTP Header. I've tried what feels like everything at this point.

Is it impossible due to the fact that you need a username in your request? Here is their API documentation:


  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for reporting and your patience. I just created developer account for LiveChat to test with the API Key authentication method.As I've checked the API documentation, I dont think they mention about basic authentication which you can actually create Base64 format of the username & apiKey.So here is the details below:

    First you need to create the Base64 format to use basic authorization for the Custom JSON connector. For instance I used Php script to create the Base64Auth: using base64_encode("USERNAME:API_KEY");

    Once you have that, go to the Custom connector and insert the following as example, replacing Base64Auth with the actual value.

    Type URL or Drive file path:

    Data Type: JSON

    HTTP headers:    {

             "Authorization": "Basic Base64Auth",

             "X-API-Version": 2


    Then run the query to get the data on the Sheet. The result will look like this:

    Let me know if this doesn't work or if you are not able to generate the Base64Auth for some reason, I'll be glad to assist you further.

    Kind regards,

    Supermetrics Team

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