Twitter Ads - all results show null

Hi. Can someone post a screenshot of how they've configured their Twitter Ads to actually get data? Everything I try returns 'null'.

Also, is 'User Followers' a valid way to calculate 'reach' insofar as 'all of my followers + their followers'? (Circled in red in screenshot)


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  • Hi Scott,

    is this by any chance a date range related problem? If the tweets have not had clicks/impressions during the date range you set? Please see my example query (date range set to start from 2015) :  

    Reach has been recently launched by Twitter to the API as a metric, and our developers are working on implementing Reach and Frequency to the connector. We'll update our users as soon as they are added.


    Heidi / Supermetrics

  • Hi Heidi, 

    Have reach and frequency been added to the Twitter Ads Supermetrics for Gsheets plug in? This post is a year old and I can't see the metrics to date.



  • Hi Matt,

    As you noticed in the connector, the fields have not yet been added unfortunately. The unforeseen problem is that Twitter API requires user whitelisting to fetch reach and frequency, which makes these fields really complex to add and simultaneously make them user friendly. Our devs are actively working on solving this, but it's not an easy task with the demanded scopes. I hope we're able to offer the fields soon enough. We will be sure to announce it if/when the fields are added.


    Heidi / Supermetrics

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