Instagram reporting: accumulate published posts, like count and comment count – per month

I want to create an Instagram report on a monthly basis where fetched data is put into a Google Sheet. I want to be able to build reports based on this.


Can you help me set this up for automation?


1. Create cell with year and month from published data

2. Accumulate published post count per month

3. Accumulate like count per month

4. Accumulate comment count per month


Attached image is manually added data to mimic the desired formula's task.


  • Hi Daniel,

    You will need to use Sheet's functions to do what you need. They have a reference that explains what everything does:

    Look at CONCAT/CONCATENATE, YEAR, MONTH, and VLOOKUP as these may be especially useful in this case.

    Their forums for Sheets are also a great place to check for ways to do things, like how to pull out just the year or month from a date.!forum/docs

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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