Date ranges loading inconsistently

We have a bunch of queries that are set to run at the same time on date range of "last 91 days including today."  In the sidebar/query editor the date ranges come up correctly (i.e. today is the 23rd, all of the queries show as running through the 23rd in the editor).  However, some of them only pull data through the previous day.

Note we've checked the option to load all time values.

Any suggestions?


  • Hi Felix,

    thanks for reporting this.

    Are all your queries for the same data source? Some data sources have latest data only up til 'yesterday', which would explain why you can't see 'today' for some of the queries.

    It could also be a matter the query being stuck on the date range without "include today" option. You could test creating a similar query from scratch, and see if it gets the same date result.


    Heidi / Supermetrics team

  • Hi Heidi-  The data sources aren't all from the same source.  Would you recommend dropping "today" from the query?

  • Hi,

    that is the safest option, yes, if you are not in the absolute need of today's data.


    Heidi / Supermetrics

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