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Number of Ad Accounts Facebook Business Account

I have a client who has multiple locations, 38 to be exact, who run Facebook Campaigns for each location, however, these are in one business account that we log into. 

Right now, since there is no limit being enforced, we are able to use any of the plans to connect. In the future, you will start enforcing the limit and I am curious as to how this will be priced. 

Will this count as 38 on the Facebook ad account or will it count as only 1 ad account? 

Need to be able to inform our client that we may need to up their cost once this goes into place and warn them of how high the fee may end up being. 

  • Hi Chris,

    Each ad account you select for the connector will count towards the limit for the license. 


    So if they have 38 different ad accounts in the business manager that needed to be selected, then this would be 38 accounts. But if they have 38 campaigns under 1 ad account, this is only 1.

    The limit is already described in the Data Studio pricing page for how many accounts you can have at each license level. If we were enforcing the limit right now, you could have up to:

    • 3 accounts for the Individual connector
    • 20 accounts for the Pro package
    • 100 accounts for the Super Pro package

    See also:

    What Does "Number of Ad Accounts Per Ad Network" Mean?

    I hope this helps clarify. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    -Thank you

    Supermetrics Team

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