Facebook Insights only getting video and photos information.

Hello, I'm having trouble getting information from my facebook page to a google sheet using supermetrics. I need to get all of posts types and it's only getting videos and photos from the page. I'm trying to find what kind of organic reach I can get form a link embeded to the page and supermetrics is not getting that from the query that used to work all the time. The time range I'm trying to analyze is all of 2017. January to December. Could you help me?

  • Hi Camilla,

    thanks for reporting this, sorry to hear about the issue.

    It is likely related to the Facebook API bug that has been going on for some time now.

    Please see this article for the workaround: [FIXED] Facebook - Post level discrepancies


    For Sheets users to access this fix, they need to add the following string to Options->Advanced Settings field in the sidebar: 



    Heidi / Supermetrics

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  • It worked! Thanks! 

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