Facebook Pixel Time of Firing

I am looking to source the time that our pixel is firing for an offsite conversion. We want to match up 7/28 day clicks with the corresponding customer in our CRM, however FB accredits the ad the user last clicked on AND the time that that clicked occurred with the conversion- this allows us to match up 1 day clicks (as long as they go straight from ad to converting on our website) but creates a problem for attempting to match 7/28 day clicks with our CRM.....any thoughts? 

  • How detailed information do you upload to Facebook for offsite conversions? Basically, the more data you provide, the bigger chance is that Facebook will be able to match your offline conversions with Facebook visitors. For example, you can add emails, names and phone numbers, if this data is available in your CRM. This way, conversions won't be matched just by time, but also by email or name, whenever they would happen.
    If you do lead ads on Facebook, there is also an option to connect some supported CRMs directly to Facebook, if you use one of those, you could try that.

    Another solution to consider is to integrate your CRM with Google Analytics and track your conversions in Google Analytics, as it provides more options for different conversion attribution models.

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