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Screen Name in Datastudio x Google Analytics

Hi guys,

I'm integrating GA with Datastudio using supermetrics. I'm trying to find "Screen Name" as a dimension but it seems not there. Do you guys have similar problem?



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  • Hi Samuel,

    thanks for your question. You're probably looking for Landing Screen Name or Exit Screen Name? These can be found in our GA connector's dimensions. Please see attached image.


    Supermetrics team

  • I have same problem. I want to show the amount of pageviews based on Screen Name, but Landing Screen Name only show the name of the first viewed screen and Exit Screen Name only show the name of the screen where users exited the application. So I dont get the total number og pageviews based on Screen Name. 

    Is there a solution for that?

  • It says in your GA connector's dimensions that there should be a field called Screen Name. Se


    e picture.

  • I can not find "page path level 1" for desktop as well.

  • Hi Martin,

    thanks for notifying us about the lack of these fields! Screen name indeed was missing, and our devs are fixing that now. The field should be included during today, or latest tomorrow.

    Regarding "Page path level 1" - it is featured in Supermetrics as "Page directory level 1".

    Heidi / Supermetrics

  • Hi again Virta,

    I am connecting to our GA directly through Data studio using Supermetrics connector, and I still can not find the field "Sreen Name" when i connect. Have you managed to fix the missing field?



  • Hi Martin,

    The issue is fixed, but the rollout was delayed until Monday next week, so the fields will be available then.

    Thanks for your patience!


    Heidi / Supermetrics

  • Heidi do you have an update on the rollout? Still can not find it.

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