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split paid segment in respective, single channels

Hello all,

does someone know how I can split the different paid channels in supermetrics? I need to split it up in Brand, Generic and Display, but for now I can only choose paid in summary..

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards from Berlin, Germany.


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your question. Are you using Google Analytics or AdWords as data source?

I think you may be looking for Channel Group (GA) or Advertising Channel type (AW) dimensions?

Best regards,

Supermetrics team

Hello Heidi,

I use Google Analytics - and yes, I am looking for the channel group dimension -> Brand, Generic, Display.

Further is it possible to use for one sheet more than one data source?

Best, Stefan


ok, then I assume you found Channel Group in the Split by section.

Sure you can use more than one data source, you'll just need a paid subscription for it.

Heidi / Supermetrics team

Hej Heidi,

yes, I found that section, but how can I split Paid in Generic and Brand?

Best and thanks in advance.


Hi Stefan,

if you've set the Channel Groups up correctly (, you should be able to see them when you split by Channel Groups, under Multi-Channel Funnel section. No other dimensions are available for that, according to our knowledge.


Heidi / Supermetrics team

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