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I speak on behalf of Cadastra's analytics team and I'm contacting you guys because of a lack of custom metrics population from adobe analytics that we have been experiencing in the last few months here when it comes to our supermetrics extractions. Our data comes from adobe analytics, and sometimes, when we try to extract custom metrics, supermetrics bring them as zeros or even do not recognize theses metrics for extraction. 

Have you ever heard about errors like these? 


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  • I use the data stuido connector and have this problem too. Custom metrics are not available or throwing errors. Data extraction is very slow as well and sometine not working at all.

    Reported this to Customer support 14 days ago and haven't heard back in 11 days..

    if you found a solution, please share =)

  • Hi!

    Thank you both for reporting this to us. Our dev team has found a way to fix this issue and by the end of the week this fix will be updated.

    Best regards,

    -Supermetrics Team

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