Error: 403 The caller does not have permission

I keep getting the error that "The caller does not have permission (view ID: #)".

This is for Google Analytics views for which I am the admin, so have full permissions for everything. The ID keeps changing as well (trying to pull from around 60 views in one query), suggesting it's not just an issue with a single view, but with the API.

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  • Hi James,

    Google currently has a bug in their account management which is causing these issues. A temporary solution before Google releases a fix, is to use Supermetrics in an Incognito-mode window on your browser, and only log in to the tools with the single Google account that has your Supermetrics license.

    (Logging into multiple accounts in your browser at the same time is what can cause this issue. Also, using a separate Incognito window will not require you to log out from your other Google accounts.)

    If you'd like to help speeding up the fix from Googles side, please click on the star in this Google Bug report. More votes means it goes up in their urgency.

    We appreciate your help.

    Best regards,

    Supermetrics Team

  • It happens to me also a lot lately, but it happens when it works in the background using SM scheduling, so it's not that the browser is open or something.

  • Just going into Modify query mode, exit it, going back in, refresh the data again and again, sort of "fixes" the issue until the next scheduled run and it happens only in specific queries. 

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