Failed to load: Unknown HTTP error

Hi, I've been using supermetrics for my Analytics account, but recently it throws an error when selecting views:Failed to load: Unknown HTTP error . This happened after I updated new version of supermetrics.

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  • Hi Loan,

    I am having the same issue.

    I'm using the Super Pro version on Google sheets and removed the Add-on, then re-installed the add-on.

    But I still get the error message: Unknown HTTP error

    Please help Supermetrics!

  • Same here. Does anyone have a solution?

    Also showing this error on Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, ...

  • Having the same issues.

    Errors for Facebook, GA, and Bing.

    Nothing loads and returns: Failed to load: Unknown HTTP error

  • Same problem here. Have been using the Pro version for a while now (3 months) and suddenly started getting this error a couple of days ago (to my knowledge).

    Could anyone from the support please check and advise?

    We're getting to the end of the month and this plugin is critical to generating our clients reporting.


  • Hey guys,

    we got an answer from Supermetrics on this thread

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