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Date gets an empty header row if also split to columns

I have a query for Google Analytics that is Split to Rows: "Year & Month" and Split to Columns: "Campaign".

I need the data in Google Data Studio but the problem is that Google doesn't give me the first column as a dimension because using both Split to Rows and Split to Columns makes it so the first cell is empty (instead of containing "Month" as I expected).

I need the header row to update with future queries because the names of the Campaigns can change. How do I get "Month" into the first cell so that Google Data Studio will allow me to use that column as a date dimension?

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have you checked that your formatting for that column isn't doing this? If it's not about the formatting, could you please list us the details from your query:

-Date range


-Split by values (rows and columns)

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-Supermetrics Team

Hi was there a solution to this problem? I am getting the same error?

Hi Tim,

when I do a query like this, I get the headers correctly:


Best regards,

-Supermetrics Team

Hi Im querying DFP (Google Double Click for publisher) no matter what I try I get the same error. Unless I remove the Split by Columns the Header just disappears. This means I cant use the data in Data studio? Any other ideas?

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