DoubleClick Big Manager - Split By


Recently received the email about DoubleClick Bid Manager being added as a source. Thank you. However, it's still a bit incompatible, it seems. 

I'm running a number of queries to split by various dimensions. Splitting to rows by dates and countries works fine. 

But splitting by anything else I've tried so far isn't working at all. For example, Age: I get the column age appears, but is empty, and then all the metrics I want to split (impressions, clicks, etc.) are in one row and are sums. So it hasn't split at all. This is the same for gender. 

Interestingly, splitting by hour also gives me one single row, but under the column header "hour" i have a number- 19700101. Perhaps it's summing all the hours and not actually splitting it. 

(52.2 KB)
(65.7 KB)
(67.9 KB)
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