Twitter Ads data not correct for app install

Query ID 2sCCkutnDN3mKs3tekBwhsfzr16udk

The data we get back (App Install, Cost per install etc) for any given timeframe.

Have tried around 2 hours and didn't work.

Please let me know how to proceed & to fix. 

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  • I'm also getting same issues now. 

    > Alec,

    Have you solved this?

    >Support team,

    Can you give me some advice? 

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  • Hi,

    I am facing a simillar issue. 

    When I pull the twitter ad data to google sheets, it keeps showing the cost per install data as zero for each date.

    Can you please help.



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  • Hi, 

    The mobile app installs on the twitter ads manager doesn't match what is pulled into google sheets for me either. 

    Sheets is seeing 1 or 0 values, whereas twitter has an integer total. 

    Can't see what's wrong here - any suggestions would be great. 


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